How blockchain technology is safer, faster, and cost-effective for voting?

Adding a layer of security to the data with the help of cryptography, Blockchain Technology is the advent of time that keeps data and privacy the paramount feature of a system and has revolutionized industries far and wide. We are living in times of technology, wherein, every minute someone might be thinking of one or another form of technological advancement. Here, alluding to the scenario, the concept of blockchain technology is becoming more unrivaled with time, ever since its advent a decade back.

Voting is the defining act of a democracy! How well are you electing and being democratic?

Countries, majorly one that is democratic, holds voting and electing representatives their prime essence of being. Voting is a way to choose the representative through a fine glass of unbiasedness, strong integrity intact, and one adhering to democratic rules. Here, all this makes sense if the process and individuals are given a fair chance and a piece of veritable and equitable information. Many external influences might just tamper with the process. Taking a level up with a safer, faster, and cost-effective way of voting, we have leveled up from regular paper voting to e-voting. All ifs and buts in your regular paper are answered by one advancement: Blockchain Technology. One thing that holds strings of the system is the fact that they are strongly dependent on Blockchain Technology for maintaining perfect online privacy, enhancing integrity, optimizing process, and producing consistent results, thus strengthening the transparency of the voting system.

What makes Blockchain Technology the need for the system now?

How we consume information affects our being. Backed by misinformation narratives of the present Covid situation or the one surrounded United States in 2020 Presidential Elections, made it the need for an hour that world awaits.

What makes it a safer, faster, and cost-effective method is The System. Verification, processing, and recording hold the foundation. What makes it suitable for the voting process is that it is not stored in one place, rather it exists on “chains”, backed by encryptions and decentralization that makes the data incorruptible and verifiable. To simply put, one cannot alter or influence the data because this technology doesn’t allow your data to be tracked in one place. This makes it a crucial addition in voting systems because this small piece of high-value data holds the fate of many as it can certainly make or break the situation. What makes this technology a cost-effective solution is now, unlike ages your voters don’t have to travel miles with paper ballots as with process online, the ease has solved many problems. But, many still struggle with the security concerns of E-Portals. Blockchain Technology is the answer to that woe and worry. Now, each one of you can safely make a difference and can firmly believe that it will be counted right. You can submit your vote without being identified or revealing your inclinations to the public. Subsequently, authorities can count votes with absolute surety and certainty that no fake IDs can be created, nullifying the doubt and concern of tampering.

Now that you are informed, ‘Voting Portal’, a system developed by Top Real Estate Attorney Mr. Ben Solomon, makes sure that every voting and election we experience is safely conducted and is legally compliant for all at all times. With software compliance to Florida Statutes, U.S. Department of Labour Regulations, and customary association bylaws, they have a widespread network of sector coverage that includes Home Own Association, Trade, Union, Government and Education making elections a practice of privacy, giving unabashed power to each individual. Maintaining privacy is of utmost importance to them, for which they have the highest level of security that includes 3 level password authentication, verified email logins, strong blockchain technology integration, the strong eye of IP address tracking, and much more.

Time is evolving and so are the security concerns. But, Blockchain Technology is that one thing that keeps the electoral power strong in your hands without discrepancies.

Conclusively, we can say that Blockchain technology for voting portals provides decentralized, highly secured, anonymized yet auditable records. Thus, keeping a microscopic eye on recording and reporting votes, preventing innumerable frauds and mishaps of voting, and finally put a full stop to voter fraud narratives.